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Here is an example of a 20 Litre jacketed vessel. This vessel was manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry. It comes complete with a PTFE zero dead space run off valve along with a 200mm bore flange and 25mm water connectors.

All our Vessels are designed around our customers needs

Scott Glass manufactures lids for all sizes of vessels and flasks. Any amount of ports can be added to an individual lid and any flange type can be produced.

If you need your lids for a special purpose such as high pressure or vacuum work our technical deptment will be more than happy to assist you with your design.

To make sure there are no problems with leaking seals due to incorrect handling this vessel was formed with an integral top to minimise the risk to the end user.

This design can be adapted to suit your needs and budget.

Vacuum manifolds are often needed for a particular task, our free design service will ensure you get what you need at no extra cost

We only use the best components in our manufacture but this does not mean that our costs are high. I think you will find that we will beat most of our UK rivals for price without compromising our very high level of quality.